Mike Chavez-Dawson is an interdisciplinary artist who deems his practise to be "performance orientated". His work "A bANdA dA" will be performed as part of Shezad Dawood's "Feature" programme in the Late at TATE Britain series on 3 April 2009.

Bec Garland is a visual artist working in photography, drawing and performance.

In Kidology We Trust

Photo: Bec Garland 2008

In kidology we trust. The Rorschach system of psychoanalysis is named after its founder who was also nicknamed "the blotto kid". This was due to his obsession with the popular German children's game, which involved droplets/squirts/splotches of paint/ink onto paper then folded, pressed and revealed. These would be the source of fantastical interpretations and stories. Dr Rorschach honed and refined his obsession with these paintings into a science, which eventually became ten specific copyrighted blots. I've been making these paintings since I was three and they had been a secret source of inspiration; I kept this art hidden until my late twenties. Now it is a fundamental language I trust and share.

These pictures were made whilst visualizing the velocity at which the earth moves whilst orbiting the sun (67,000mph). In kidology I continue to trust.

Photo: Bec Garland 2008



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